4,000 Cat6 outlets in London and Gibraltar.


Project Description
MacTrading is London’s largest independent trading group. As part of its expansion program, MacTrading fitted out a new 360 dealer trading floor in Bishopsgate, London and a 80 dealer trading floor in Gibraltar.

London. Able installed 3,000 outlets inside two months.

The outlets were installed within custom designed underfloor 6-way boxes, fixed to the end of a flexible length of copex tubing. These were pulled up through the floor and mounted to desks as required.

At the patch frame end, standard outlet jacks were employed and later clipped into SYSTIMAX flexi panels, allowing the cables to be installed and pre-terminated prior to completion of the computer room. All patch panels were mounted into Chatsworth open frames, hence minimising the space used. Able also supplied and installed ten APW equipment cabinets.

Gibraltar. An second installation team travelled to Gibraltar where they implemented the same design on a smaller scale.