Able design, build and maintain high quality TV & Satellite signal distribution systems.

TV distribution systems are required in buildings or areas where multiple TV’s are fed from a central aerial or satellite dish. This can apply to apartment blocks, offices, schools & colleges, hotels, sports centres, retirement homes and even whole villages.

Using the same high methods of quality gained through being a leading cabling Printinfrastructure provider, Able has built a reputation with customers for building highly effective and reliable solutions.

Able focuses on designing and building scalable and flexible systems which can be extended to meet the fast changing demands of modern technology, to ensure maximum future proofing.

Able provide expert services in a broad range of TV/Sat technology including:

  • Integrated Reception Systems (IRS’s) for homes
  • Multiple satellite systems and satellite farms
  • Use of fibre for TV & satellite distribution (FIRS). To read Able’s Blog TV over Fibre click here…
  • IPTV for the distribution of TV over a IP data network
  • Designing Digital TV head ends
  • Exceptional Quality of Work

Able has consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver high quality installations into very fast track and demanding environments.

Able adhere to all industry design standards and are a CAI Plus member.