The Flexible IRSfirs1

The Flexible IRS is TV/Satellite system which flexibly provides for an unlimited number of satellites.

Traditional TV/Satellite systems are restricted to a total of four satellite services. This leaves many residents unable to receive the channels they require and can influence their decision to purchase within the development.

Conventional TV/Satellite systems are restricted by the limitations of standard RF equipment, which is designed for building either 1, 2 or 4 satellite systems. And having built a system for one or two satellites, to upgrade it to receive more means replacing all of the equipment and cables. So its just not practical.

The Flexible IRS solves this problem by applying the latest advances in TV fibre technology.


  • Less expensive to install than a conventional four satellite TV/Sat system.
  • Any resident can choose to receive up to four satellites from a menu of 8 satellites, 12 satellites or even more.
  • Which resident receives which services can be simply re-configured by on site staff. Optionally, residents can be charged for the services they receive.
  • More reliable and easier to maintain than a conventional TV/Sat System.
  • Completely scalable. More satellites can be simply and cost effectively added as required. So you could start with four satellites, but know you are able to add more later.

Able provides consultancy, design and installation services to create a Flexible IRS for any development. So whether you have traditional design which you wish to adapt or you require a complete and expert installation, Able will be very happy to help.

Less expensive to install than a conventional four satellite TV/Sat system.