Able design and install integrated TV systems for Hotels.

Able will design a professional and modular head end system, which can be expanded as more channel capacity is required.

Terrestrial channels and one or more satellite dishes, will be mixed with internal film and specialist channels from a Pay per View System.

Three types of solution are possible:

  1. Analogue TV over coax. This is a cost effective solution, especially applicable to small and medium hotels. Selected Freeview and Satellite channels can be made available on conventional analogue channels and received on standard TV sets with analogue tuners.
  2. Digital TV over coax. An alternative solution is to make the Freeview plus selected satellite channels all available in digital TV format. This has the advantage of providing high quality reception (all signals are digital), a large number of channels (up to 200 per system) and allowing any standard TV to be used without the need for a set top box or adapter.
  3. IPTV over data cabling. This is the most flexible TV solution, especially applicable for larger hotels. As well as offering an almost unlimited rage of Terrestrial & Satellite channels (SD or HD), the system can provide on-demand video, EPG, digital signage and integration with other systems, such as reservation systems.